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Lamella Clarifier

Lamella Plate Clarifier

​The Lamella Plate Clarifier is mainly used for the wastewater pretreatment and the rear end of the aerobic pool.
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The Lamella Plate Clarifier is mainly used for the wastewater pretreatment and the rear end of the aerobic pool.

Product detail

Original: Jiangsu, China

Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, etc.

Price: Negotiable

Material: SUS304

Voltage: 380V 50Hz, the voltage can be as local demand

Payment term: TT, LC

Delivery date: Negotiable

Packing: export standard

Market: Middle East/ Africa/Asia/South America/Europe/North America

Warranty: 1 year

MOQ: 1 set

Working principle of Lamella Inclined Plate Clarifier

The wastewater is entered into the pool by the inlet pipe, down flow through the inlet chamber in the middle of the pool, reflected by the diversion plate, and then into the inclined plate through the water inlet of the inside. As the solution flows upward, the solid particles contained in it are deposited on parallel inclined plate assemblies and then inserted into the sludge hopper at the bottom of the tank. In the sludge bucket, the sludge is concentrated and discharged from the bottom sludge outlet through the scraper. The clearing liquid flows away from the inclined plate through the outlet of the top outlet.

It is then collected through the adjustable weir flow and discharged from the outlet. The purpose of the intersection designed at the top of the inclined plate is to make the clarification liquid form a pressure difference through the water collecting channel, so as to ensure the uniform distribution of the flow patterns between the inclined plates, so that the whole area is used. The reliability of the operation is increased, the influence of the flow pattern of the solution is reduced, and the possibility of scaling is reduced. (for example)


Main composition

The Lamella Plate Clarifier mainly includes the components of the sedimentation tank body, the slanting board component, the water collector, the water weir plate, the sludge scraper (optional), the mixed reaction section (optional) and so on.


According to the design requirements of different water quality, it can be divided into 3 categories:

A. Common Lamella Plate Clarifier;

B. Lamella Plate Clarifier with sludge scraper.

C. Lamella Plate Clarifier with mixed reaction section and scraper.


Our product is mainly used for the wastewater pretreatment and the rear end of the aerobic pool.

It is use mainly in these industry:

♦ Industrial wastewater treatment

♦Affordable water for industrial production

♦Industrial Chemistry - purification and enrichment

♦Pulp & paper mills

♦Iron and steel industry, phosphorus removal

♦Metal hydroxide wastewater

♦Sealed / vacuum filtration

♦Purification of biological cleaning process

♦Circulating water from potatoes and vegetables

♦Water treatment of dust remover in power plant

Equipment characteristics

A) Increase the precipitation capacity: the precipitation area increases. The inclined plate can play a role of re agglomeration of the precipitates, and increase flocs and precipitate easily. Inclined plate precipitation creates laminar flow conditions and has good sedimentation effect.

B)  The concentration of the sludge was increased.

C)  The amount of water discharged is stable throughout the year, and there is no sludge blanket.


Our Advantages

a. Extensive production experience: we are specialized in it with an experience of 10 years.

b. Complete production facilities: owning precision centerless grinding machine, straightening machine, fine polishing machine, precision lathe, milling and drilling machine, roller press and other advanced equipments. Our technicians will do regular scheduled maintenance on these machines to guarantee them work well.

c. High quality raw material: we mainly choose raw material from big steel factory, such as TPCO, BAO STEEL, SHA STEEL, which are best and largest raw material manufacturer in China.

d. Strict Physical/Chemical testing procedures: meeting the requirements of the product design and process, providing reliable testing data.

e. Short Delivery time: If one container 15-20 days. We also stock some standard-sized tubes and rods, if you need 3-5 pcs, we can delivery soon.

f. Safe packing: anti-rust oil be spread on tubes and rods before shipping, plastic caps on tube ends to protect inside surface, each rod be protected with cardboard tube. Finally be packed with seaworthy package or in wooden case.

g. Best after-sale service: Over 60% products are sold to the Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe, and all products are trusted by domestic and foreign customers.

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