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Lamella Clarifier

  • Inclined Plate Clarifiers

    ​1.The Inclined Plate Clarifier is made from the precipitation principle of the advection sedimentation tank to remove the fractional particles. By adding the inclined tube in the pool, the hydraulic radius is reduced.
    2.To increase the wet cycle of the water cross...
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  • Inclined Tube Precipitator

    ​1.The Inclined Tube Precipitator can be used to treat the pretreatment of the river, river, lake and small sewage engineering.
    2.The turbidity or suspended solids concentration is less than 500 mg/L in the year (short 1000 mg/L). It can remove the turbidity impurity...
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  • Static Settling Tanks

    ​1.The Settling Tank is an efficient combined sedimentation tank designed according to the theory of shallow pool sedimentation, also known as shallow pool sedimentation tank.
    2.In the settlement area, many dense inclined tubes or slanted plates are set up so that the...
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  • Lamella Plate Clarifier

    ​The Lamella Plate Clarifier is mainly used for the wastewater pretreatment and the rear end of the aerobic pool.
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