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Filter Sand

  • Pool Filter Sand

    ​1.Pool Filter Sand is used in the mechanical filter of swimming pool sand filter and drinking water. Pool Filter Sand has fast filtration speed, good filtration effect, stable effluent quality, no blockage and no agglomeration.
    2.Pool Filter Sand produced by our...
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  • Sand Filter Sand

    ​1.Sand Filter Sand is the most common material of filter material. It is widely used and has large scope of use.
    2.It can be used in drinking water and industrial production water as well as all kinds of pool shaped ordinary fast filter and sewage filter, water...
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  • Pool Sand Filter Sand

    ​1.Pool Sand Filter Sand is made of natural quartz sand. It is divided into four kinds, ordinary sand, refined sand, acid washing sand, and special grade quartz sand. It is the ideal product of chemical water treatment and waterworks.
    2.Pool Sand Filter Sand is used as...
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  • Sand Filter Pool Sand

    ​1.Sand Filter Pool Sand is made from nature and its particles are round, and the biggest difference from white sand lies in pure natural, granular structure and white sand in nature.
    2.Particles are formed in the natural water to rinse or weathered, show ellipses or...
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  • Filter Sand and Gravel

    ​1.Filter Sand And Gravel is from natural rivers made by mining, artificial manufacturing, screening and washing.
    2.It is ball shaped, pure white or color, no color, density 2.66, bulk density 1.85g/cm3, the solubility of hydrochloric acid 0.12%, moth hardness value...
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  • Anthracite for Water Treatment

    ​1.Anthracite for Water Treatment is a filter material for water treatment industry.
    2.Anthracite for Water Treatment is made of high quality anthracite as raw material, processed by selected crushing, powder and sieving.
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  • Activated Carbon for Water Treatment

    ​1.Activated Carbon for Water Treatment is made from high quality walnut shell, peach shell and apricot shell. Its appearance is black and granular.
    2.It has the advantages of well-developed voids, good adsorptive properties, high strength, easy to regenerate, economy...
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