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Electrocoagulation Process

  • Wastewater Treatment By Electroflocculation

    ​The working principle of the electric flocculation equipment in water treatment is: to connect several groups of parallel plates with direct current, to generate electric field between the plates, so that the water to be treated into the pores of the plates. At this time,...
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  • Electrocoagulation Water Treatment

    ​The principle of electrocoagulation water treatment is that aluminum and iron are used as anodes. Under the action of direct current, the anode is dissolved and Al and Fe plasma is produced. After a series of hydrolysis, polymerization and oxidation of ferrous, the...
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  • Electrocoagulation Wastewater Treatment

    ​Electrocoagulation method is a treatment process combining complex adsorption with redox, acid-base neutralization and air-floating separation. The alloy metal such as aluminum and iron is used as the main electrode, and the electrochemical reaction is generated by the...
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