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  • Flocculator and Clarifier

    ​1.Flocculation and sedimentation are the processes of flocculation and sedimentation of particulate matter in water.
    2.When coagulants are added in water, the colloids and dispersed particles of the suspended particles are formed by the interaction of molecular...
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  • Sludge Contact Clarifier

    ​1.Sludge Clarifier consists of two parts: reaction zone and clarification zone.
    2.The reaction zone includes the mixed reaction zone and the pushing reaction zone; the clarification area includes the inlet pre settling area, the inclined tube precipitation area and...
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  • Super Water Clarifier

    ​1.Water Clarifier is a solid-liquid separation equipment with advanced technical performance. It is usually used in conjunction with other sewage purification equipment.
    2.The production practice has proved that, after the treatment of the sewage treated by this...
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  • Sedimentation Tanks Used in Water Treatment

    ​The sedimentation tank of our company is a horizontal flow inclined tube settling tank.
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  • Circular Clarifiers and Thickeners

    ​1.The Circular Clarifiers and Thickeners used for pretreatment in biological treatment is called the first sedimentation tank.
    2.For ordinary urban sewage, the primary sedimentation tank can remove about 30% of BOD5 and 55% of suspended solids. Set up after the...
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