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  • Fine Screen for Water Treatment

    1.Fine Screen for water treatment adopts a rotary type, which is arranged on the horizontal axis by a special shape of the plow shaped rake tooth on the horizontal axis.
    2.It is assembled into different clearance according to the flow of water. It is installed at the...
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  • Perforated Plate and Bar Screens

    ​1. Perforated Plate and Bar Screens can remove floating objects and fiber materials.It is mainly composed of driving device, frame, transmission chain wheel, traction chain, network board and electrical control cabinet.
    2.Perforated Plate fine Screen for water...
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  • Bar Screens for Wastewater Treatment Plants

    ​1.The Bar Screens for wastewater treatment, it is a kind of combined will block the dirt and stain in one of the efficient fine Screens decontamination equipment.
    2.The Bar Screens for wastewater treatment is mainly composed of driving device, rack, traction chain,...
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  • Mechanical Fine Screens for Wastewater Treatment

    ​1.Mechanical Fine Screens for wastewater treatment are professional equipment for continuous automatic interception and removal of various shapes and debris in the fluid. It can be widely applied to wastewater treatment.
    2.The Mechanical Fine Screens for wastewater...
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  • Coarse Screens for Sewage Treatment

    ​1.Coarse screens for sewage treatment is a continuous automatic screens which can intercept and remove various shapes of sundry in fluid.
    2.The Coarse screens for sewage treatment is driven by the driving mechanism, and the chain wheel on both sides of the spindle...
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  • Coarse Screen for Screening Equipment

    ​1.The Coarse screen for screening equipment is used to remove the larger suspended solids which may block the valves of the pump unit and the pipeline, and ensure the normal operation of the subsequent treatment facilities.
    2.A Coarse screen for screening equipment is...
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  • Rotary Drum Screen Equipment for Wasterwater Treatment

    1.The Rotary Drum Screens is a kind of equipment with fine screen, grate spiral hoist and grate screw press.
    2.The Rotary Drum Screens is an ideal equipment for separating the floating material, settling material and suspended matter in the process of wastewater...
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  • Rotary Drum Screens Environmental Systems

    ​1.The Rotary Drum Screens Environmental Systems, also known as the Rotary Drum Screens,Drum Screens filter, or spiral Screens cleaner.
    2.Rotary Drum Screens Environmental Systems is a kind of equipment which integrates fine screens, grid slag screw elevator and...
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  • Grit Classifier System for Grit Removal

    1.Grit and Sand Classifier is used for settling pond in wastewater treatment plant and separating the sand water mixture from the sedimentation tank.
    2.The mixture of sand and water enters the Grit and Sand Classifier from the top of one end of the tank, and the...
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  • Grit Classifier Water and Wastewater Treatment

    ​1.The Grit Classifier Water and Wastewater Treatment is mainly used for the further separation of sand and water mixture from the equipment such as the water saner and so on.
    2.It is good for transportation and is generally applicable to domestic sewage treatment...
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  • Rotating Blade Grit Removal Unit

    1.The Rotating blade sand removal is mainly used for pretreatment in sewage treatment plants (stations), which is used for removing large inorganic particles in the sewage before the grout.
    2.The Rotating blade sand removal system includes Rotating blade sand removal,...
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  • Rotating Blade Sand Remover with Oil and Grease Separator

    ​1.The Rotating blade sand remover can be used to remove the fine sand above 75um in water. The removal rate can reach 95% and the 2mm-10mm fine slag in the sludge.
    2. It can improve the aeration efficiency, reduce the wear of the equipment and optimize the following...
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