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Scraper Bridges

  • Sludge Scraper with Central Drive

    ​1.The Sludge Scraper with central drive is applicable to the sludge scraping and removal of the sewage sludge in the water plant or the wastewater treatment plant, which is generally no more than 18m in diameter.
    2.The main function of the Sludge Scraper with central...
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  • Rectangular Tank Scraper Bridges

    ​1.The Rectangular Tank Scraper Bridges is used in the wastewater treatment plant, the water plant flat flow precipitation, the sludge from the bottom of the pool to the pump suction mouth, through the pump sucking mud, the sludge discharged from the pond, and the Rectangular...
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  • Peripheral Drive Sludge Scraper

    ​1.The Peripheral Drive Sludge Scraper is suitable for the first or two sedimentation tanks of the wastewater treatment plant.
    2.The main function of the Peripheral Drive Sludge Scraper is to scrape the sludge deposited at the bottom of the pool to the mud pit, and...
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  • Sludge Scraper with Suction Arm

    ​1.The Sludge Scraper with Suction Arm adopts the peripheral drive, and the sewage is flowing from the inlet pipe of the center of the pool.
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  • Plow Blade Scraper Clarifier

    ​1.The Plow Blade Scraper Clarifier is suitable for mechanical removal of sludge, sand and scum in sedimentation tank.
    2.The Plow Blade Scraper Clarifier is mainly composed of the steady current cylinder, the electricity collecting device, the center support, the...
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  • Sludge Thickeners for Wastewater Treatment

    ​ludge thickeners for wastewater treatment are mainly used in small sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment plants in industrial enterprises, large and medium scale wastewater treatment plants.
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  • Sludge Thickening and Dewatering

    ​The Sludge thickening and dewatering is suitable for the activated sludge treatment system where the excess sludge is not much, and the excess sludge of the biological filter sludge and the biological phosphorus removal system.
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