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  • Industrial Reverse Osmosis Filter

    ​Industrial Reverse Osmosis Filter generally includes pretreatment system, reverse osmosis device, post-processing system, cleaning system and electrical control system.
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  • Containerized Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

    ​1.Containerized Reverse Osmosis Water Filters is an integrated reverse osmosis water treatment equipment developed by our company for small and medium water treatment.
    2.The Containerized Reverse Osmosis Water Filters can be customized according to the requirements of...
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  • Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant

    ​1.Reverse osmosis is a new modern pure water treatment technology.
    2.Through reverse osmosis element to improve the purity of water quality, remove impurities and salt contained in water.
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  • RO Water Plant

    ​The RO Plant is the original water through the pretreatment system, the precision filter, through the high pressure pump to the reverse osmosis device to produce the pure water. Directly to produce the water is called the RO Plant.
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  • Water Softener Plant

    ​1.Water Softener Plant is the equipment to reduce the hardness of water, mainly in removing the calcium and magnesium ions in the water.
    2.In the process of softening the water, the softening water can not reduce the total salt content in the water. It can be used in...
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  • Industrial Water Softener Plant

    1.The Industrial Water Softener Plant is a green, environmental friendly, economical and safe new soft water treatment system.
    2.The Industrial Water Softener Plant takes the end user as the design principle, combines the original water pretreatment, the water quality...
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  • Industrial Water Softener System

    ​1.The Industrial Water Softener System uses a sodium ion exchange resin to replace calcium and magnesium ions in the original water.
    2.The water left is the softened water with low hardness and the removal of calcium and magnesium ions.
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  • Reverse Osmosis UF Plant

    ​UF plant can separate 10 ~ 100A particles from the surrounding medium containing particulates.
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  • Ultra Filtration Membrane Systems

    ​Ultra filtration System is a new membrane separation technology, such as membrane separation, fraction, purification and enrichment.
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