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  • Sedimentation Filtration Package

    1.Sedimentation filtration package introduction The package water treatment plant (flocculation sedimentation and filtration) is a water treatment equipment integrated with multi-functional units, including flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, sewage discharge and...
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  • Sludge Scraper with Central Drive

    ​1.The Sludge Scraper with central drive is applicable to the sludge scraping and removal of the sewage sludge in the water plant or the wastewater treatment plant, which is generally no more than 18m in diameter.
    2.The main function of the Sludge Scraper with central...
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  • Package Sewage Treatment Plants

    ​1.Package Sewage Treatment Plants has unique achievements in the treatment of small and medium-sized domestic sewage because of its low cost of construction and operation, small size and simple operation and management.
    2.In recent years, it has been widely used in...
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  • Fine Bubble Aeration Systems

    ​1.The Fine Bubble Aeration Systems?is the main body of ABS engineering plastics. The diaphragm has a special rubber (EPDM) to resist the adhesion surface, which is made by special processing.
    2.The opening hole of the diaphragm is selected by the German imported CNC...
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  • Flocculator and Clarifier

    ​1.Flocculation and sedimentation are the processes of flocculation and sedimentation of particulate matter in water.
    2.When coagulants are added in water, the colloids and dispersed particles of the suspended particles are formed by the interaction of molecular...
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  • Pool Sand Filters

    ​1.The Pool Sand Filters is a kind of high intensity water treatment equipment, also known as sand filter. The Pool Sand Filters is made of FRP or stainless steel.
    2.It has high strength, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, and controllable...
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  • Industrial Reverse Osmosis Filter

    ​Industrial Reverse Osmosis Filter generally includes pretreatment system, reverse osmosis device, post-processing system, cleaning system and electrical control system.
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  • School Steel Lab Hood

    1.School steel lab hood introduction Steel lab hood is formed with 1.2mm thick rolled steel plate while bending and welding in CNC machining center, cutting, positioning and drilling. After pickling and phosphating, the surface is sprayed with epoxy resin powder, which is...
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  • Steel Fume Cabinet

    1.Steel lab fume cabinet introduction Steel fume cabinet is an indispensable part of laboratory furniture. It plays the role of ventilation and ventilation in the laboratory. In order to prevent laboratory workers from inhaling or swallowing some toxic, pathogenic or toxic...
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  • Steel Lab Ventilation Hood

    1.Steel lab ventilation hood introduction Laboratory ventilation is an indispensable part of laboratory design. In order to prevent laboratory staff from inhaling or swallowing toxic, pathogenic or unknown chemicals and organisms, good ventilation should be provided in the...
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  • Steel And Wood Fume Cupboard

    1.Stainless & wood fume cupboard introduction The steel structure of the Stainless & wood fume cupboard is made of high-quality steel, which is treated by acid-washing, phosphating and rust-proof, and the surface is cured by composite epoxy resin powder at high...
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  • Walk In Fume Hood

    1.Walk in fume hood i ntroduction In the laboratory ventilation equipment, the fume hood is the most important equipment. It has a wide range of uses, a large amount of exhaust air, and high technological requirements. The selection of the ventilator is directly related to...
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