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Dissolved Air Flotation

  • Dissolved Air Flotation Unit for Wastewater

    1.The principle of Dissolved Air Flotation Unit for wastewater is to dissolve large amounts of air into the water body.
    2.After decompression, a large number of tiny bubbles are formed, and bubbles and suspended substances form adhesion.
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  • Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

    ​1.Dissolved Air Flotation Systems is a relatively new international water treatment technology and a major breakthrough in air flotation and water purification technology.
    2.It changes the static water intake and dynamic water outlet into dynamic water, intake and...
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  • Static Mixer for Water Treatment

    ​1.The Static Mixer for Water Treatment is a novel equipment to make coagulant, disinfectant and water flow mixed instantaneously.
    2.It is widely used in water plant, wastewater treatment plant and industrial water and wastewater treatment equipment.
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