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Package Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Package Sewage Treatment Plants

    ​1.Package Sewage Treatment Plants has unique achievements in the treatment of small and medium-sized domestic sewage because of its low cost of construction and operation, small size and simple operation and management.
    2.In recent years, it has been widely used in...
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  • Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants

    ​1.Package Wastewater Treatment Plants is widely used in living community, villas area, factory collective living area, as well as drainage sewage treatment of hospital.
    2.The function of Package Wastewater Treatment Plants to remove organic pollutants and ammonia...
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  • MBR Sewage Treatment Package Plant

    ​1.MBR Sewage Treatment Package Plant is suitable for domestic sewage treatment, hospital sewage treatment, school sewage treatment, customs sewage treatment, sewage treatment in scenic spots, sewage treatment of troops and so on.
    2.It has good treatment effect, simple...
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  • Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Filtration Systems

    ​1. Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Filtration Systems is an integrated equipment for the treatment and reuse of wastewater by using membrane bioreactor (MBR).
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  • MBBR Wastewater Treatment Package Plant

    ​1.MBBR Wastewater Treatment Package Plant is an efficient new reactor between activated sludge process and fixed biofilm process.
    2.In the MBBR Wastewater Treatment Package Plant, the filler with big specific surface area is free movement in the water.
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  • MBBR Media for Wastewater Treatment System

    ​MBBR Media is the core part of MBBR process, and its performance directly affects the attachment of microorganisms, thus affecting the effect of biofilm process on sewage treatment.
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  • Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants

    ​1.The Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants(SBR) was first used by scientists in South America in 1970, which has attracted the attention of environmental scientists.
    2.In recent years, SBR sewage treatment technology which has been widely paid attention to and studied in...
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  • SBR Based Sewage Treatment Plant

    1.The SBR is the abbreviation of Sequencing Batch Reaotor, also known as intermittent aeration.
    2.It's main structure is a batch sequence reaction pool. The wastewater has completed the process of reaction, precipitation, drainage and removal of residual sludge in the...
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  • Residential Sewage Treatment Plant

    ​1.The Residential sewage treatment plant is an integrated decentralized sewage treatment equipment. The equipment mainly aims at the treatment of rural sewage.
    2.The Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant is used to integrate the removal trough, the anaerobic filter bed, the...
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  • Home Sewage Treatment and Rainwater Tanks

    ​The Home Sewage Treatment and Rainwater Tank developed by our company is characterized by solid storage tanks, settling tanks, processing tanks, disinfection boxes and water storage tanks.
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  • Dissolved Air Flotation Unit for Wastewater

    1.The principle of Dissolved Air Flotation Unit for wastewater is to dissolve large amounts of air into the water body.
    2.After decompression, a large number of tiny bubbles are formed, and bubbles and suspended substances form adhesion.
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  • Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

    ​1.Dissolved Air Flotation Systems is a relatively new international water treatment technology and a major breakthrough in air flotation and water purification technology.
    2.It changes the static water intake and dynamic water outlet into dynamic water, intake and...
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