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Multifunctional And Efficient Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser
Oct 07, 2018

In June 7th, the machinery industry environmental protection machinery standardization technical committee of People's Republic of China came to the news that the industrial standard JB/T12579-2015, multi-function and efficient aeration device, which was edited by Alex Hua Tian of China Metallurgical Industry, was approved. It will become an international regional standard for "one belt and one road". At the end of last year, the National Standard Committee issued the standard Unicom's joint action plan for "one belt and one road" (2018 - 2020). In order to implement the plan of action, the technical standardization committee of the machinery industry environmental protection machinery has selected 7 standards as the first batch of international standard projects in China, involving three major areas: water, dust and gas. Among them, 5 are national standards and 2 are industrial standards, and the industry standard is compiled by KHN water treatment equipment Co., Ltd. The "effective aeration device" represents the sole selection of water treatment equipment standards.

The innovative research and development of three kinds of aeration technology equipment, namely, multi-function and high-efficiency aeration device, connected balanced aeration rotating disc and dynamic diffusion bottom aeration device, successfully developed by KHN water treatment equipment Co., Ltd., has completely subverted the existing vertical axis surface aerator, horizontal axis surface aerator and fixed installation of bottom aeration device in the world, and has broken the world of sewage treatment aeration technology. Boundary problems, indicating that the company's water treatment equipment research and development technology seized the commanding heights, effectively promoting China's water treatment equipment efficient energy-saving, leading the industry. It is reported that the "multi-function and efficient aeration device" is the "one belt and one way" international regional standard, which will strongly promote China's water treatment equipment standards to go international and promote application.

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