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Germany Mannheim Sewage Treatment Plant: Powdered Activated Carbon For Removing Trace Pollutants
Oct 13, 2018

The scale of Mannheim sewage treatment plant is 100,000 m3/d. Activated sludge process is adopted to treat the wastewater. After secondary treatment and filtration, the wastewater is discharged into the Rhine River. After anaerobic digestion, drying and gasification, the sludge is treated to realize cogeneration. At present, the energy self-sufficiency rate can reach 60%, and a part of effluent uses powdered activated carbon technology to remove trace pollutants. Since 2007, photovoltaic solar energy and synergistic anaerobic digestion technology have been introduced into sewage treatment plants to further improve energy recovery. Since 2012, sludge gasification technology and hydroelectric power generation have been introduced, and energy recovery equipment has been further upgraded. The energy self-sufficiency rate is expected to reach more than 85% in the future.



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