Winter maintenance process of mechanical fine screens
Jan 29, 2019

Mechanical fine screens is the pretreatment equipment of sewage treatment and the primary link in the sewage treatment process, so the existence of mechanical fine screens is very important. In winter, the maintenance of screens equipment will be different from that in summer, because of the low temperature in winter, the maintenance work will be difficult to carry out. 

The mechanical fine screens needs to be routinely repaired once a year to check whether all the bolts are tightened; the damaged paint must be repaired immediately, and the underwater damage should be repaired well during the annual maintenance. An anti-corrosion and aging inspection is also required every year. Sealant insulation should be applied on the connecting surfaces of stainless steel to prevent crevice corrosion during reassembly. In order to avoid damage to the surface of the grille and its slide plate, the clearance between the rake tip and the slide plate is checked every three months. The clearance can be achieved by adjusting the spacing roller. 

Whether there is an electric shock proximity switch in the mechanical fine screens is tested once a year, and the damage is found and replaced in time. The test of the display lamp and the check of the switch are carried out every three months. Except for the reducer, the lubricating oil or grease used in other parts to be lubricated shall be replaced or cleaned according to the requirements of the equipment.

Maintenance of grille cleaner equipment is the most basic way to prolong its service life. Even if we are busy with our work, we should also maintain the equipment. In winter, it is indispensable for us to maintain the equipment of the grille cleaner. We must make sure that the equipment of the grille cleaner can run normally before using

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