Technical characteristics and process advantages of drum grille
Jul 28, 2018

The drum grille is a kind of fine grid decontamination machine to a certain extent. It is ideal for separating the floating matter, sedimentation material and suspended matter in the water during the process of urban sewage treatment plant and industrial wastewater treatment. Equipment, widely used in urban domestic sewage treatment plants, industrial and wastewater treatment projects, solid-liquid separation, filter residue cleaning, transmission and press dewatering.

Technical characteristics of the drum grille

1. Low energy consumption of the drum grille.

2. High separation rate of the drum grille.

3. High reliability of the drum grille.

4. The drum grille has a wide range of applications.

Process advantages of the drum grille

1. The drum grille enhances the process.

2. The drum grille reduces the cleaning operation.

3. The drum grille is simpler to use.

4. The drum grille reduces subsequent operating costs.

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