Screw conveyor structure features
Jun 27, 2018

(1) The helical blades of the screw conveyor have three types: solid spiral surface, belt spiral surface and blade spiral surface. The spiral helix is called the s method. The helical pitch GX is 0.8 times the diameter of the blade. The LS screw conveyor is suitable for conveying powdered and granular materials. The spiral helicoid, also called D method, has the same helical pitch as the diameter of the spiral blade and is suitable for conveying powdery and small pieces of material. The blade spiral surface is less used, and it is mainly used for conveying materials with high viscosity and compressibility. During the conveying process, the stirring and mixing processes are completed at the same time. The spiral pitch is about 1.2 times the diameter of the spiral blade.

(2) The helical blades of the screw conveyor have two directions of left and right rotations.

(3) Screw conveyors are horizontal fixed screw conveyors and vertical screw conveyors. Horizontal fixed screw conveyor is the most commonly used type. The vertical screw conveyor is used to lift materials in a short distance, the conveying height is generally not more than 8m, and the spiral blades are solid surface type. It must have horizontal spiral feeding to ensure the necessary feed pressure.

(4) LS, GX screw conveyor material outlet end, should be set to 1/2 to 1 turn reverse spiral chip to prevent powder blocking the end.

(5) The screw conveyor consists of three parts, the screw body, the inlet and outlet ports, and the drive device.

The screw body consists of a head bearing, a tail bearing, a suspension bearing, a screw, a housing, a cover plate, and a base.

Drive device consists of motor, reducer, coupling and base.

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