Performance and advantages of tubular aerators
Jul 26, 2018

In the process of operation, the tubular aerator is mainly used for oxygenation of urban sewage and organic industrial wastewater treatment systems. The tubular aerator has simple structure, high oxygen utilization rate, reliable performance, easy to block pores, and sewage. Inverted irrigation, uniform circumferential force, long life, convenient installation and maintenance, and low system price.

  The tubular aerator has good chemical stability and does not contain plasticizer to a certain extent, so that it can maintain elasticity for a long time, acid and alkali resistance, no hardening, no embrittlement and no aging. The product has a small bubble diameter, which can maintain high oxygen conversion rate and achieve mixing and agitation. The self-closing pore structure is adopted, and the micropores are not blocked. Easy to install and disassemble. Reduce energy consumption.

Introduction of the performance of tubular aerator

1. The tube aerator produces tiny bubbles.

2. High oxygen transfer performance.

3. High oxygen utilization under standard conditions.

4. The theoretical oxygenation rate is high.

5. A single aeration head has a large supply of air under standard conditions.

6. It can still be normally aerated after long-term gas stop, and has anti-blocking function.

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