Mixture and metering pump type for integrated dosing unit
Jan 11, 2019

The integrated dosing device uses a jet mixer, which uses high-speed hydraulic force to disperse the agent or powder, increase the fineness, improve the contact between the agent or the powder and the water, soak the area, reduce the dissolution time; the device has a three-slot overflow Combination, ie preparation, curing and dosing, using gravity and solubility to produce a difference in specific gravity of the solution, automatically separating the dissolved and undissolved, and then mixing with a low-speed mixer to improve the uniformity of the solution.


At the same time, the integrated dosing device can ensure the leak-free operation of the pump; and the hydraulic end of the insulated structure is suitable for the high melting point liquid, and the pump casing and the stuffing box are insulated by the jacket to avoid liquid condensation. The information of the hydraulic end is generally selected from 1Cr18Ni9Ti. PTFE, PVC and 1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti can be used depending on the medium to be transported.


The metering pump here is classified into two basic forms: a plunger type and a barrier type according to the pump head. The plunger pump has the characteristics of reasonable structure, simple operation, accurate measurement, convenient repair, and low price. The barrier pump has no leakage and high safety. It is suitable for transporting various flammable, explosive, highly toxic, strong corrosion, strong irritant, radioactive and precious special liquid media. The metering pump conditioning value is intuitive and clear, the operation is stable, the noise is small, the protection is convenient, and it can be used in parallel or in

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