Installation process and maintenance rules of Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser
Sep 26, 2018

The Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser is generally uniformly arranged at the bottom of the water treatment tank. The aerator is 100-250mm away from the bottom of the tank, and the longitudinal spacing is generally about 500 mm. Before installation, the aeration pipe should be cut and cut according to the drawings, and the pipeline should be drawn to determine the location of each casing aerator. 

When installing a Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser diaphragm, pay attention to the vertical installation of some non-porous diaphragm with the ground, the diaphragm clamps at both ends should be tightened; install adjustable brackets of the main pipe, leveling each aeration pipe on the same horizontal plane; when the diaphragm is installed, install the whole Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser with the hole position before; after all pipelines are installed, safe Install aeration riser.

Note that the diaphragm mounting clamps should be tightened during this process; all pipes should be kept horizontally on the same plane.

Installation of central connectors to gasket O-ring; aeration pipe must be thoroughly purged after the opening, before the installation of Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser; installation and installation, the site is strictly prohibited explosive connection and other open-fire operations, such as the need to work, the application of fire-proof materials will cover the aerator, so as to avoid scalding equipment.

During the service period of Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser, the aeration tank should be inspected daily and operated strictly according to the operation rules; when replacing the diaphragm, the clamp should be loosened, the old diaphragm removed and the new diaphragm replaced; when the clamp is tightened, the clamp ring must be parallel to the air distribution connecting pipe.

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