How to select fine bubble in 600T/d domestic sewage treatment
Aug 20, 2018

Design Principles

1. Adopting the more advanced MBR membrane treatment process facilities (prepared) in China, with greater adaptability to meet the changes in water quality and quantity;

2. The processing facilities (prepared) are reasonable in selection, simple in operation and stable in operation;

3. Consider various emergency measures in the event of an accident;

4. The sewage is discharged after being treated;

5. After biochemical treatment; the remaining sludge produced is periodically treated by a sanitation department or construction unit after aerobic nitrification and concentration.


Sewage basic data

1. Sewage volume: 600m3/d

2. emission standards “urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standards”

3. Water quality of inlet    


Removal rate(%)


Design processing capacity: 600m3/d;Sewage treatment capacity and process

This design uses MBR biochemical treatment process

Design Notes:

 The sewage is removed by the grille to remove large particles. The sewage treated by the grid directly enters the regulating tank. The purpose of the regulating tank is to adjust the water quantity and water quality of the sewage. In order to prevent the suspended matter from being precipitated in the regulating tank, the bottom of the regulating pool is provided. Perforated aeration tube. There is an anaerobic reaction in the conditioning tank. Due to the high concentration of organic matter in the sewage, the microorganisms are in anoxic state. At this time, the microorganisms are facultative microorganisms, and they have two main effects on sewage. One is hydrolysis and acidification, which is the macromolecule in the water. The organic matter is degraded into small molecular organic matter which is easy to be decomposed by the action of biological enzymes, and the second is denitrification, that is, the process of reducing the nitrate nitrogen in the water to nitrogen by using the organic carbon source. The sewage in the regulation tank is lifted to the MBR membrane treatment device by the sewage lifting pump, and the MBR membrane treatment device contains the aerobic pool and the MBR pool. It is completed by autotrophic bacteria (nitrifying bacteria), which use the inorganic carbon source generated by decomposition of organic matter or carbon dioxide in the air as a nutrient source to convert ammonia nitrogen in the sewage into NO2--N and NO3--N. The MBR membrane processor transports the treated water to the disinfection tank through the membrane module, and the microorganisms are trapped in the MBR reactor, which greatly improves the sludge concentration of the MBR reactor, increases the sludge concentration, and improves the effluent water quality. The disinfected water is discharged after reaching the standard. The sludge after nitrification and concentration in the sludge tank shall be uniformly treated by the environmental protection department or Party A.


Selection of Fine bubble diffuser for in 600T/d domestic sewage treatment

Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser Introduction

1.The Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser consists of a rubber diaphragm, several air flow guiding grooves, a chassis support and a spiral gland.

2.The diaphragm is made of high quality rubber raw material and installed on the chassis bracket.

Technical parameters


Working principle of Fine Bubble Diffuser

The chassis support is the support of the diaphragm, which is arched. The upper part of the chassis support is provided with eight air diversion grooves which are distributed around the center to ensure that the air is evenly distributed. The spiral cap joins the lower part of the chassis support to the chassis support. The diaphragm is fixed on the chassis support. The chassis support and the spiral cap are molded by quality ABS engineering plastics.

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