How to select fine bubble in 100m3/h coking plant coke project wastewater treatment
Sep 10, 2018

Design water volume

The wastewater mainly comes from:

1 steamed ammonia wastewater (W1: 29m3/h);

2 other production wastewater (W2: 15.4m3/h,);

3 as circulating water system dilution water (W3: 55.6m3/h). 

wastewater A certain amount of processing capacity has been considered in the water volume, so the design determines the total processing capacity to be 100m3/h

Design water quality

Design water quality list


The effluent water quality

Adopts the first-level discharge standard in the National Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard

According to the above-mentioned water and water quality and water quality, we must consider the following options for the treatment process:

1. A comprehensive intensive treatment process based on biochemical methods and physicochemical methods;

2. Ensure compliance with standards;

3. The process is reasonable, the project cost is low, the operation is economical, and it is easy to manage.

Selection of Fine bubble diffuser for 100m3/h coking plant coke project wastewater treatment

Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser Introduction

1.The Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser consists of a rubber diaphragm, several air flow guiding grooves, a chassis support and a spiral gland.

2.The diaphragm is made of high quality rubber raw material and installed on the chassis bracket.

Technical parameters


Working principle of Fine Bubble Diffuser

The chassis support is the support of the diaphragm, which is arched. The upper part of the chassis support is provided with eight air diversion grooves which are distributed around the center to ensure that the air is evenly distributed. The spiral cap joins the lower part of the chassis support to the chassis support. The diaphragm is fixed on the chassis support. The chassis support and the spiral cap are molded by quality ABS engineering plastics.

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