How to select fine bubble for Pharmaceutical Wastewater treatment
Aug 15, 2018

Minxi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. marigold planting area affiliated facilities construction project, mainly processing marigold flowers into marigold granules, its production scale: marigold granules 3500t / a, the project is a new project. After the project production wastewater is treated, it is used for agricultural irrigation discharge standards.

According to the characteristics of the project production wastewater and the treatment objectives, our company has compiled this design scheme based on similar engineering design, construction and operation experience.

Processing scale

According to the data provided by the builder and the environmental impact assessment requirements of the project, the treatment system of the project is designed according to the treatment scale of Q=50m3/d, and is used for farmland irrigation after treatment.

Design influent water quality

According to the water quality and description of the waste (sewage) water provided by the project, the influent water quality is shown in the following table.


Production wastewater


domestic sewage

















Design water quality

The water quality of the treated wastewater shall be in the Table 



Crop type


BOD5/(mg/L)   ≤



COD/(mg/L)       ≤


SS/(mg/L)           ≤





Choice of governance process

Due to different production and processing processes, the high-concentration production wastewater generated in the production process has many types of organic materials and high content. The wastewater treatment is difficult, but the organic pollutants in the wastewater are mainly plant-based, and its BOD5/CODcr>0.5 The wastewater of this project has high biodegradability. Due to the high pollution of plant preparation wastewater (especially high-concentration wastewater), the state attaches great importance to the treatment of this type of water, and has now explored various treatment approaches. Although the technical parameters of the treatment process are different, the raw material varieties and production processes of different enterprises are different. Different, but the biochemical-based governance technology route is recognized as the most cost-effective governance method. Biochemical management techniques include two units, anaerobic and aerobic.

Process Description

After the grid is discharged into the high concentration wastewater of the sump, the pH value is adjusted to neutrality and the corresponding chemical agent (PAC or PAM) is added to physicochemical treatment. The high concentration wastewater is treated with enhanced pretreatment and domestic sewage. The hydrolysis tank is used for water neutralization and water volume regulation, and then pumped to a high-efficiency anaerobic reaction tank. After anaerobic biological treatment, the effluent flows into the biological contact oxidation tank and is discharged to the intermediate tank through aerobic biochemical treatment. The sewage is pumped to the tank. The MBR membrane reaction tank is subjected to advanced treatment, and the effluent is sterilized by adding a sodium hypochlorite disinfectant after the self-priming pump, and can be reused or farmland irrigated.


Selection of Fine bubble diffuser for Pharmaceutical Wastewater treatment

Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser Introduction

1.The Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser consists of a rubber diaphragm, several air flow guiding grooves, a chassis support and a spiral gland.

2.The diaphragm is made of high quality rubber raw material and installed on the chassis bracket.

Technical parameters


Working principle of Fine Bubble Diffuser

The chassis support is the support of the diaphragm, which is arched. The upper part of the chassis support is provided with eight air diversion grooves which are distributed around the center to ensure that the air is evenly distributed. The spiral cap joins the lower part of the chassis support to the chassis support. The diaphragm is fixed on the chassis support. The chassis support and the spiral cap are molded by quality ABS engineering plastics.

Installation of Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser

The installation of Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is installed according to the installation plan and installation drawings. The center of the gas distributing branch is about 145~165mm from the bottom of the tank, and the allowable horizontal height error is 10mm. The surface of the aerator is about 230m~250mm from the bottom of the tank, and the error of the chassis and tube center after the aerator installation is not more than 5mm.

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