How to select fine bubble for laboratory wastewater treatment
Aug 07, 2018

Wuhan Haoer Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to the development, production, sales and medical services of cutting-edge medical technology products. After seven years of hard work, the company has completed the transition from technology transfer, research and development to clinical services, and has become one of the few professional organizations in China that use cell DNA ploidy analysis for early diagnosis of tumors. Wuhan Haoer Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. plans to invest 88 million yuan to purchase Room No. 1 of Building 17, Phase III, Optics Valley, Core Center, No. 303, Guanggu Avenue, Donghu New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan, to implement the Medical Laboratory Laboratory. The project needs to construct sewage treatment measures at the same time to ensure that the production wastewater reaches the standard discharge.

General medical laboratory labor contains some special pollutants, such as drugs, disinfectants, laboratory chemicals, detergents, and a large number of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, parasitic eggs and various ascaris eggs, hepatitis viruses, tuberculosis and Phytophthora and so on. The sewage is a kind of laboratory sewage, the water quality is relatively complicated, and the water quality components have a great correlation with the experimental process, in addition to containing organic and inorganic pollutants, such as various drugs, disinfectants, medical wastes and other pollutants. It also contains a large number of germs, viruses and parasites, and the composition is more complicated. Compared with industrial wastewater and domestic sewage, it has the characteristics of small water volume and strong pollution. If the wastewater is discharged into the water body without treatment, it will inevitably pollute the water source and spread the disease. It will cause more serious pollution to the surrounding waters and soils, thus endangering people's daily lives.

Influent water quality

According to the data provided by Party A and our company's experience in dealing with wastewater from many medical institutions, the main indicators of water ingress of this project are as follows:


Water volume

According to the information provided by Party A and similar project experience, the sewage volume of the medical laboratory of this project is 1.0m3/d, and the sewage treatment facility is designed to run continuously for 10 hours per day.

According to environmental protection requirements, sewage effluent meets the standards .The main water quality is shown in the following table:


Selection of Fine bubble diffuser for laboratory wastewater treatment

Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser Introduction

1.The Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser consists of a rubber diaphragm, several air flow guiding grooves, a chassis support and a spiral gland.

2.The diaphragm is made of high quality rubber raw material and installed on the chassis bracket.

Technical parameters


Working principle of Fine Bubble Diffuser

The chassis support is the support of the diaphragm, which is arched. The upper part of the chassis support is provided with eight air diversion grooves which are distributed around the center to ensure that the air is evenly distributed. The spiral cap joins the lower part of the chassis support to the chassis support. The diaphragm is fixed on the chassis support. The chassis support and the spiral cap are molded by quality ABS engineering plastics.

Installation of Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser

The installation of Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser is installed according to the installation plan and installation drawings. The center of the gas distributing branch is about 145~165mm from the bottom of the tank, and the allowable horizontal height error is 10mm. The surface of the aerator is about 230m~250mm from the bottom of the tank, and the error of the chassis and tube center after the aerator installation is not more than 5mm.

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