Guidelines for selection of drum screens
Jan 30, 2019

As an indispensable equipment for sewage pretreatment, drum screens can be seen everywhere in sewage treatment plants and pumping stations. There are several types of drum screens, and the amount of sewage that each model can handle varies. When selecting the type of drum grille, we must pay attention to its parameters, including grille gap, water treatment capacity, industry and so on.  

According to the design requirement of drum screens, the grille gap of drum grille is determined. At present, the grille gap of grille is 0.5mm, 0.75mm and 1mm in three specifications. Then according to the treatment water Q (m3/h) and the type of industry to determine the type of equipment, if the treatment water is too large, more than the treatment capacity in the selection table can be negatively linked to the mall customer service, but also need to provide treatment water, gap, material and the industry used. 

Generally speaking, the drum screens in the form of external water intake is suitable for the case of regular solid particles in water, without large objects and filamentous fibers. Wastewater such as food, dairy products and beverages. But more industrial wastewater, such as textile and garment wastewater, contains a large number of fibrous substances. Wastewater from slaughtering, meat products, leather and seafood contains not only a lot of hair, but also bone debris, fish scales and other debris of different sizes. At this time, only the inner intake grille can be

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