Detailed description of integrated dosing device in hospital sewage treatment
Nov 21, 2018

Nowadays, the hospital sewage treatment equipment is gradually applied to our life, which can guarantee the discharge of hospital sewage up to the standard. This requires the use of an integrated dosing device to treat sewage. It can automatically and accurately add water treatment chemicals automatically according to the technical requirements of water treatment.

Integrative dosing device is a kind of dosing equipment with metering pump as the main dosing equipment. It assembles the dosing box, agitator, level gauge, safety valve, check valve, pressure gauge, filter, buffer, pipeline, valve, base, escalator, automatic monitoring system and power control system on a common platform according to the technological process. Form a modular unit. At the same time, it is equipped with mixing system, dosing system and automatic control system. Several fixed types can be combined into a whole.

The dosing process of the integrated dosing device can be operated manually. It can also be controlled automatically by means of various electrical appliances and instruments such as PC, magnetic turning plate level meter, PH meter, stroke controller, frequency converter and so on. The dosing amount and dosing pressure can be selected according to the need of industrial process.

When the integrated dosing device is working, it is necessary to start the self-contained liquid lifting pump in the automatic water treatment dosing device when starting dosing. The liquid is pumped into the medicine storage box from the medicine barrel with a hose. The lifting pump has self-priming ability and does not need to pour liquid into the pump body before working. The dosage can be adjusted after the storage box of the integrated dosing device is filled with liquid, and the dosage can be put into operation after the dosage is adjusted.

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