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Sand Filter

  • Pool Sand Filters

    ​1.The Pool Sand Filters is a kind of high intensity water treatment equipment, also known as sand filter. The Pool Sand Filters is made of FRP or stainless steel.
    2.It has high strength, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, and controllable...
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  • Sand Filter System

    ​1.Sand Filter System is one of the most effective means to remove suspended solids in water.
    2.It is generally used as pretreatment of water purification equipment.
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  • Iron Removal Filter

    ​The Iron Removal Filter is also known as the manganese sand filter, the Iron Removal Filter is a common ground water treatment equipment, iron and manganese in the groundwater almost at the same time, when the amount of iron in the water is high, the water has a fishy smell,...
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  • Pressure Sand Filter

    ​1.A Pressure Sand Filter is a process that uses one or several filter media to clear water through a certain thickness of granular or non granular materials under certain pressure to remove suspended impurities and make water clear.
    2.Commonly used filter materials...
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