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Activated Carbon Filters

  • Multi Media Filters

    ​1.Multi Media Filters (also known as mechanical filter) is a bed layer of anthracite, sand, fine garnet or other material.
    2.The top layer of the multi-media filter consists of the lightest and coarsest material, and the heaviest and finest materials are placed in the...
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  • Activated Carbon Filters Water

    Activated Carbon Filters is also called carbon filter. Activated carbon is a very small carbon particle with large pore size per unit area. Usually we call it capillary hole. The capillary has a strong adsorption capacity.
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  • Self Cleaning Filters

    ​1.When water enters the filter cartridge from the inlet, impurities are intercepted on the inner wall of the filter tube, and the filtered clean water flows out from the outlet.
    2.When the inner wall of the filter is accumulated more and more, the pressure difference...
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  • Industrial Cartridge Filters

    ​1.The Industrial Cartridge Filters is a multi-purpose filtration equipment with novel structure, small size, simple and flexible operation, energy saving, high efficiency, closed operation and strong applicability.
    2.The Industrial Cartridge Filters is a pressure...
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