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Fine Bubble Diffuser

  • Fine Bubble Aeration Systems

    ​1.The Fine Bubble Aeration Systems?is the main body of ABS engineering plastics. The diaphragm has a special rubber (EPDM) to resist the adhesion surface, which is made by special processing.
    2.The opening hole of the diaphragm is selected by the German imported CNC...
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  • Coarse Disc Diffuser

    1 、 Coarse Disc Diffuser Introduction Coarse disc diffuser uses multi-layer spiral cutting type for aeration. When the air flow enters Disc diffusers, the air flow first passes through two-channel spiral cutting system. After cutting, it enters the multi-layer serrated gas...
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  • Titanium Alloy Ozone Diffuser

    1 、 Titanium alloy Ozone Diffuser Introduction The titanium alloy ozone diffuser is made of industrial pure titanium powder with purity (> 99.789%) as the main raw material, plus a certain amount of barren and plastic raw materials. The micropore size is 0.21-100 micron...
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  • Ozone Ceramic Diffusers

    1 、 Ozone Ceramic Diffusers Introduction The Ozone Ceramic Diffusers is made of high-quality corundum powder as the main raw material, plus a certain amount of barren and plasticity raw materials. The micropore size is 0.21-100 micron. The porosity is 35-51%. Corundum powder...
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  • Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser

    1 、 Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser Introduction Fine bubble membrane diffuser is another new membrane microporous aeration product developed by our company. ABS engineering plastics is used as chassis and tray, and the air distribution film is made of EPDM or silica gel. The...
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  • Porous Ceramic Diffusers

    1 、 Porous Ceramic Diffusers Introduction The Porous Ceramic Diffusers is designed and manufactured repeatedly. It is novel and unique, and has the following. 2 、 Technical Data 3 、 Dvantages a. The structure is simple, the body has only three components, the assembly speed...
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  • Single Hole Membrane Diffuser

    1. Single hole membrane diffuser Introduction Single hole membrane diffuser’s main components are: single hole membrane diffuser, upper pipe clip, lower pipe clip, left fixed clip, right fixed clip. 2.Technical Data Air volume range: 0.20 ~ 0.45m3/h Design ventilation: 0.3...
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  • Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser

    ​1.The Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser consists of a rubber diaphragm, several air flow guiding grooves, a chassis support and a spiral gland.
    2.The diaphragm is made of high quality rubber raw material and installed on the chassis bracket.
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  • Fine Bubble Aeration

    ​1.Fine Bubble Aeration is a new aeration device, based on the characteristics of biological treatment of sewage, in the basic of the original fine bubble diffuser.
    2.The overall structure of the aerator is scientific and reasonable, with advanced technology and novel...
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  • Micro Bubble Diffuser

    ​1.The Micro bubble diffuser is made of a tube of ABS or UPVC as a cloth pipe with a ventilation hole on the wall of the tube, and the outer circumference of the cloth pipe covers the diaphragm made of synthetic rubber.
    2.The diaphragm is fixed to the tube by a metal...
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  • Coarse Bubble Diffuser

    ​1.The Coarse Bubble Diffuser uses the type of multi-layer spiral cutting to carry out aeration.
    2.When the air flow enters the Coarse Bubble Diffuser, the air flow first passes through the two spiral cutting system, and after cutting, it enters the lower layer of...
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